Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday Pack [JP] for Dreamcast

Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday Pack [JP] for Dreamcast: An Overview

This Japanese Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday pack is highly collectible hedgehog fun!

Sonic Adventure 2 may have been re-appraised somewhat in the years following it’s release, but at the time, it was a much beloved entry in the series’ then fairly new 3D re-imagining. A bolder story then the first game, a higher emphasis on action then the more slow-paced original, and a highly varied musical accompaniment, Sonic Adventure 2 still remains a firm fan favourite despite it’s slight critical re-analysis. This special edition version of the game- available only in Japan for exactly two days (June 23 and June 24, 2001) includes the game itself, a special gold-coloured soundtrack disc, a Sonic History book loaded with information (including an abridged version of the Sonic the Hedgehog Technical Files, aka Sonic Original Story), and a collectible medal. Die hard Sonic loyalists, this is a milestone anniversary celebration you might want to look out for- but maybe take a small mortgage out on your house before you do so, yeah?

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