Sonic Chaos for Master System

Sonic Chaos for Master System: An Overview

Robotnik is up to his usual mischief once again, it seems, as Sonic the Hedgehog and his buddy Miles “Tails” Prower beep the maniacal mechanic nicking the Red Chaos Emerald from their resting place on South Island. Unfortunately for our heroes, the island requires all seven Chaos Emeralds for balance and integrity to reign, and even the removal of one singular Emerald has already resulted in numerous earthquakes. It falls on our brave duo to stop Robotnik and reclaim the Chaos Emerald, before South Island sinks into the ocean.

Part of the oft. forgotten 8-bit series spinoffs, Sonic Chaos is the first of the Master System/Game Gear titles to feature Tails in a playable role, and the very first game in the series at all to feature his trademark flight mechanics.  Also reintroduced to the games is Sonic’s Spindash and Super Peel-Out techniques, the former also available for the first time in 8-bits. Sonic and Tails also have further gameplay deviations then usual- only Sonic can enter the special stages and gain access to the Rocket Shoes power up, but Tails starts the game with a higher life and continue count, effectively making him the game’s “easy mode”.

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