Sonic The Hedgehog for Master System

Sonic The Hedgehog for Master System: An Overview

Was that a speeding bullet? No, it was but Sonic The Hedgehog! The fastest thing alive is like nothing you have ever seen on the Sega Master System!

Say hello to the fastest thing alive! Yes, it’s the immensely famous hedgehog by the name of Sonic, and he is arguable one of the best things to have ever happened to Sega’s Master System console.

As the packaging it self says, you’ll plummet down tunnels and spin through space, break the sound barrier with the spin attack, and bounce around inside a super cool pinball machine.

Sonic The Hedgehog is unlike anything ever else you have ever seen, and there’s a reason you can still see him appearing just about everywhere to this day. What makes the Sega Master System version so interesting, however, is just how different it is to original the Mega Drive game. Most of the levels have been changed, along with the music, and even some of the baddies have been swapped out. If you think this is just an 8-bit remake then think again!

Exclusive levels include Bridge Zone, Jungle Zone, and Sky Base Zone. The music for the Bridge and Jungle Zones are not to be missed! Of course, a couple of old favourites return including a remade Green Hill Zone with a distinct focus on the underground sections, a slightly more sinister Labyrinth Zone, and a version of Scrap Brain Zone which echoes the Mega Drive counterpart almost exactly.

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