SoulCalibur V for Xbox 360

SoulCalibur V for Xbox 360: An Overview

SoulCalibur V is the follow-up to SoulCalibur IV and retains the weapon-based combat that characterizes the series following new character Patroklos.

Follow the lives of Patroklos and Pyrrha, Sophita Alexandra’s children through the Soul Swords. This fighting game is the fifth in the SoulCalibur series, and sustains the interest of its predecessor predecessor SoulCalibur IV as released in 2008. Apart from the story mode, you can try the Arcade mode with six back-to-back episodes with a leader-board option accessible via Xbox Live.

Find yourself against the formidable Katsuhioro Harada or Soul of Devil Jin in the Quick battle mode, and choose between a collection of regal shirts, boots, gloves and other accessories to adorn your warriors. You can fully customize all characters except the Xbox 360 exclusive Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed. New fighters include ZWEI who has a white coloured werewolf as arsenal, and Viola who can throw an orb of light as an ambush weapon.

The controls are so smooth that you can forego training if you really want, but try the tutorial mode to truly hone your skills. Use critical edge and brave edge moves to your advantage. Enjoy the online mode to view and upload replays, join friends or participate in the colosseo tournaments. Don’t miss the famous souls mode or the online creation mode, either.

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