South Park: The Fractured But Whole for PlayStation 4: An Overview

Heh… butt joke…

The sleepy town of South Park, Colorado, is about to be rocked to it’s core in a major way. New Kid, returning from their role in The Stick of Truth, finds themselves caught between a rock and a hard place when the town’s kids break off into two entirely separate superhero factions, each of them vying to start their own movie franchise (and more then willing to get ugly to achieve that goal). However, what starts as a squabble between one-time friends quickly becomes something altogether more dramatic, as the two factions uncover a deadly conspiracy bubbling under the surface of the snow-blanketed town: one which aims to increase the amount of crime infecting it’s streets, by any means necessary…

Scathing wit, biting satire, and a bundle of laughs backed by rock solid gameplay, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is the one RPG you must’nt miss out on!

Daniel Crocker

Daniel is the founder and head of development for the Nerdscoop website.

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