South Park: The Fractured But Whole for Xbox One: An Overview

Heh. See what they did there?

South Park’s quirky, irreverent, “taking any kind of side is for butts” type humour isn’t for everybody, but you can’t argue with success. And success is the name of the game for Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s little vulgar paper cut-outs; from the late 90s onwards, the series has been going strong, and though earlier South Park video games were met with plenty of criticism, South Park Digital Studio’s previous effort The Stick of Truth was a real barnstormer.

The Fractured but Whole (heh) swaps out the fantasy lampooning for parodic superhero antics, with the central storyline between Coon and Friends and The Freedom Pals echoing and satirising Marvel Comic’s Civil War storyline (and in particular, the recent movie adaptation of said storyline). Though there is a relatively deep RPG title backing all the comedy, making for a package that’s plenty of substance as well as style, how you feel about the fact that race customisation for your main player character is labelled as a “difficulty slider” in the character customisation menu will be a pretty good indicator for how you’ll feel about the package as a whole.

Daniel Crocker

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