Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch: An Overview

It’s time to do the Mario once again, Paisanos!

Love them or hate them, if there’s one thing you can rely on with Nintendo, it’s their dedication to providing a truly Fun experience. Nowhere is this more true then with their flagship franchise, Mario, and if the 10/10 ratings this newest title in the series has been getting is any indication, it may just be the best Mario title in ages! Possibly ever, even! The story is fairly standard Mario fare, and about as simple as you’d expect it to be; Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach yet again, this time with explicit intentions of marrying her.

Mario must once more journey across several bright and creatively designed worlds, dealing with the dastardly Koopa King’s troops to save the beloved matriarch of the Mushroom Kingdom from peril. The twist this time around comes in the form of Cappy, Mario’s new companion; possessing Mario;s trademark hat, Cappy allows Mario to take control of other objects or characters by throwing said hat at them.

If you’re a die hard Mario fan, don’t sit on this one; get out there and grab it post-haste!

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