The Cursed Crusade for Xbox 360

The Cursed Crusade for Xbox 360: An Overview

Join Denz de Bayle in the 12th century as he battles it out to find his father, lost during the third crusade. Medieval action has never been better!

How do you guard the secret that ended many lives because of the uncontrollable power unleashed by a Templar ritual? The Pope attempts to do so by capturing Constantinople in this fourth crusade. Enter hero, Denz de Bayle who is searching for his missing father from the previous crusade. This Templar and his robber-friend Esteban travel to this medieval city to discover the truth.

Denz de Bayle and Esteban must bring holy relics together to save themselves from certain death. The duo can make use of lethal weapons like axes, swords, shields and spears that can be used in a number of combinations. A variety of tactics from dodging to typical sword fighting can be used to tackle the enemy.

Victory points earned for level completion can provide you with finishing moves unique to every weapon. You can also purify souls, clean a crucifix, or go on a treasure hunt. However, be aware that brittle weapons are a bane in this game. At times, you might be standing up against your enemy unarmed. Exciting stuff, indeed.

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