The Sims 4 for PlayStation 4: An Overview

Depwa Spanewash Depla Blah!

There is a definite appeal to controlling and dictating the lives of little virtual people, a fact that was confirmed to those interested in computer games as far back as 1985 when David Crane’s Little Computer People was released. Maxis and EA quickly became the reigning champions of this particular subgenre of simulation games with the release of the original Sims game, a triumph that has only grown in scope and grandeur with each new release in the series. The Sims 4 continues this trend in some fairly major ways.

Firstly, the Create-A-Sim and Build Mode tools and features have been completely redesigned, specifically to allow for a greater level of versatility on behalf of the user. This means character creation and home decorating are more customisable and controllable then they ever have been, with the player’s creativity being the only major limiter in what they can achieve. The emotional state of your Sims also plays a much larger role here then it ever has in any prior game in the series, directly affecting not only a their personalities, but their social interactions with other Sims and even the user interface as well.

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