The Sims 4 for Xbox One: An Overview

Wabadebadoo, Wabadebadoo!

The Sims is a name familiar to almost every gamer; it is a name immediately associated with creativity, personality, quality, and perhaps most importantly, unbridled zaniness. Turn a game where direct control of little computer people and every facet of their lives is controllable over to the public, and all manner of craziness is bound to ensue! With each game in the series, the possibilities have only grown wilder and more expansive, and as a result The Sims 4 is by far and away the most fun and flamboyant of them all!

For starters, the Create-A-Sim and Build Mode features have been greatly expanded in scope and content; now, the only real limiter is your own creativity, as characters and homes can be as wild, wonderful, and wacky as you choose! Social Interactions between Sims have also been given a greater deal of emphasis and depth, as their emotional states now greatly factor into every interaction they make (as well as their overall personalities and even, in some cases, interaction with the user interface). If you’re looking for a game that tickles your inner omnipresent being, then this is absolutely the title for you!

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