Theme Park [CD-ROM] for MS-DOS: An Overview

Theme Park, where rollercoasters meet an unnecessary but fun amount of loop-de-loops.

Good ol’ Theme Park. Possibly the first and best theme park builder out there.

Build the theme park of your low-res dreams, as you charge outrageous prices for entry (yes, my bouncy castle is worth 400 units of nameless currency for entry) and then add as much salt as you can to your fries (naturally, at cheap prices, afterall they need to be given cheap deals now so they can be ripped off later) so that your unfortunate victims (or park goers, delete as appropriate) rush for your drinks (this is where the prices are increased and the money is made). Naturally, we’ll have no handymen, because they are an unneccessary expense. This, is capitalism at its best.

Research bigger and better rides. Build rollercoasters that fulfill your deepest, darkest urges to give everyone that even considers riding it whiplash, without all the hassle of ever being sued for actually designing such a monstrousity. Or you could build a functioning theme park that is profitable and leaves visitors with their wants and needs fulfilled. With trees (largely a waste of money in my book) to make everything look pretty, and draw attention away from that haunted house that is in desperate need of repair from your mechanics that would much rather go for a picnic in the middle of nowhere, as the handyman decides that he doesn’t need to clean up the endless supply of litter from all the well placed shops, but instead it is essential that he mows the grass in the middle of nowhere.

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