WWE 2K18 for Xbox One: An Overview

Learn to love Mondays again!

For the first time in 16 years, eight wrestlers can now enter the ring. Universe Mode boasts an in-depth story with brand new cutscenes. All the creative suites, for Wrestlers, Arenas, and even whole Matches have been thoroughly deepened with extra features and content that allow a greater degree of player control and customisation. All the game modes have been tightened and tweaked for maximum replayability, with a whole host of new moves and animations to keep even the veteran players of the WWE games on the tips of their toes. Even the ancillary features were given great care and attention, from the implementation of a top of the line graphics engine with a dynamic camera system advanced lighting features to near-endless streams of commentary from the likes of Monday Night Raw’s Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves. WWE 2K18 is a monolith of a wrestling title- one of the best in 2K Games’ series and easily one of the finest wrestlers in a long time. No self respecting fan of the early week’s bloodiest soap opera would even dream of passing up on getting a copy!

Daniel Crocker

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